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Celebrating 100 Years!


Peter Doelger & Our Introduction!

We’re turning 100! That’s a whole century of committed service. We’ve done a lot over the years and times have certainly changed. We’d like to take the time to thank you for your continued support as well as to share a bit of information with you regarding our history, which includes beer, Babe Ruth and prohibition.

But before we share those stories, we’d first like to share some information about our very first President, one of the founders of Interboro Insurance Company, Peter Doelger, Jr.

It all started with beer. Did you know that Interboro first opened its doors in 1914 as a trade insurance company for breweries in New York City? In fact, the Company was originally called the “Brewers’ Mutual Indemnity Insurance Company.”

Peter Doelger, Sr. was one such brewer. Originally migrating to America from Bavaria in 1850, Doelger got into the brewing business when he decided to open a small brewery in 1859 at 101 Avenue A. Before long, his business expanded and flourished in the booming beer scene.

Amidst a city filled with fascination for beer, breweries began to face liabilities that occurred during delivery operations. Ideas floated around the area for a cooperation between breweries to assist in these liabilities. Our records indicate city-wide brewers meetings of the “Brewers’ Indemnity Fund Association” as early as April 16, 1897, but suggest meetings for years prior! Doelger was a key figure at these meetings along with his son who shared his name.

Peter Doelger, Jr. soon became a prominent leader at the meetings, making his way to the top upon election to the Board of Trustees as Vice President of the Association in 1898. Unfortunately, Peter Doelger, Sr. passed away in 1912 before seeing the Company incorporate on March 7, 1914. This unique trade-based insurance company began writing policies for worker’s compensation on July 1st that same year.

Five short years later, the Prohibition Amendment of 1919 meant that the brewing days had ended. Luckily for us, this also meant a reorganization of their insurance structure. To step away from only brewing, the Company changed over to “Interboro Mutual Indemnity Insurance Company,” making Interboro a true product of historical events! They expanded the insurance policies offered to include private passenger automobiles and, later on in the 1950s, homeowner’s insurance.

As for the Peter Doelger Brewing Corporation…The New York Food Museum highlights that Doelger, Jr. moved the business to Harrison, NJ in the 1920s after prohibition ended. Although it went out of business in 1947, the Doelgers hold a place in New York City’s brewing history!

In February of 2007, Interboro demutualized to become Interboro Insurance Company. In 2012, the Company acquired OneBeacon’s AutoOne personal automobile insurance business, expanding its repertoire of policyholders. In 2013 Interboro announced the creation of Maidstone Insurance Company.

There is no doubt that Interboro has been stronger than ever and continues to flourish while consistently providing the coverage that our community seeks. From brewers to automobiles to homes, Interboro remains devoted to great service at the local level. With the acquisition of AutoOne and introduction of Maidstone, we hope to serve you in the best way possible. We know insurance, we know our community, and we strive to be “the company you trust…since 1914.”

Stay tuned for more celebration of Interboro’s 100th year anniversary!!!